We have over 8 years experience developing Labview applications in various industries such as automotive testing, chemical and scientific instruments.

  • Digital controller and logger software for automated F1 gearbox dyno testing.
  • Chemical analysis instrument interface and peripheral control (Ion Mobility Spectrometry).
  • Collection, processing and display of signal data.
  • Vending machine control software.
  • Automated report generation.



We have over 10 years experience developing software for various embedded platforms from smart digital controllers and auto-pilot down to hobby kits, covering micros such as DSPs, PICs, FPGA and Arduino.

  • Chemical sample conditioning - controlling flow, temperature, humidity, etc.
  • Realtime control loops with safety systems such as limits and watchdog.
  • Hardware abstraction and command interface layers.
  • Communication including RS232/485, CANBUS, MODBUS, Ethernet, wireless, etc.